Islamophobia Legal Assistance Hotline

The Project

BC Islamophobia Legal Assistance Hotline is a project of a group of lawyers and legal organizations in British Columbia with the purpose of providing legal assistance to people who have faced violence or discrimination because they are Muslim or are perceived to be Muslim. It is part service to community and part act of solidarity. In their words:

“We want those who have suffered from these various forms of discrimination because of their faith and/or racial background to know that there are lawyers in BC who are committed to assisting with the difficult task of holding those who commit such acts to account by our legal institutions.”

The posters and postcards were distributed to community centres, faith and cultural organizations and service providers for immigrants and refugees. The print advertisement was published in the Muslim community newspaper Al Ameen. Visit the Hotline website.

The Work

  • Graphics and shareable images
  • Print advertising
  • Print promotional material (posters and postcard)


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